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Two Very Funny Fake Papers

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Fake Science: 1 journal to 1,500 in 10 years, Hyderabad is hub of pay & publish

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Fictitious entry

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Inside India’s fake research paper shops: pay, publish, profit

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Fake news and the spread of misinformation

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Researchers also keep a SCIgen or similar row paper as a way to expose and academic awareness of unsound props. Apr 11,  · Two Very Funny Fake Papers Jeremy Stribling (a grad student at MIT) was so sick of getting these invitations to submit that he Author: Simson Garfinkel.

return to updates Steve Jobs BOLD BRILLIANT BRUTAL FAKE by Miles Mathis First published January 8, As usual, this is just my opinion, arrived at by personal research on the web. A controversy surrounding the combined measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine started with the publication of a fraudulent research paper in The Lancet linking the vaccine to colitis and autism spectrum disorders.

The claims in the paper were widely reported, leading to a sharp drop in vaccination rates in the UK and Ireland and increases in the incidence of measles and mumps. Fake news, defined by the New York Times as “a made-up story with an intention to deceive” 1, often for a secondary gain, is arguably one of the most serious challenges facing the news industry ecoleducorset-entrenous.com a December Pew Research poll, 64% of US adults said that “made-up news” has caused a “great deal of confusion” about the facts of current events 2.

For two of them, neither does anyone else. They are fake research papers, completely meaningless, created by the writing version of a random number generator. Yet they were accepted for publication by supposedly reputable journals. Sep 12,  · Research shows that up to 77 percent of the Viagra sold online is fake, and that fewer than one percent of online pharmacies can be trusted.

Fake research paper
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