Henry alline research paper

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Henry Alline

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Henry Alline was an influential preacher, theologian, hymnist, and evangelist born in Newport, Rhode Island on the 14th of June His parents, William Alline and Rebecca Clark were average millers and did not own any significant land in Newport.

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The Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Boston, 18 July 1776

Henry Alline and how his life connected to the American Revolution? Description: Henry Alline was an influential preacher, theologian, hymnist, and evangelist born in Newport, Rhode Island on the 14th of June Henry alline research paper: Online creative writing instructor jobs.

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Henry alline research paper

Henry Alline (pronounced Allen) (June 14, – February 2, ) minister, evangelist, and writer, who became known as "The Apostle of Nova Scotia". Born at Newport, Rhode Island. He became a New England Planter and served as an itinerant preacher throughout Maritime Canada and Northeastern New England from to

Henry alline research paper
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