Liposome research papers

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Nanoparticles can be cloaked with various types of cell membranes. The membrane-coating technology can prolong the circulation of nanomedicine in the bloodstream and show cancer-targeting potential by molecular recognition. Some of their work is described in detail in other papers in this 25th anniversary volume.

We have not covered several large areas of liposomal research, including vaccines, imaging, and applications in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

The reader is directed to the cited excellent recent reviews. INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF PHARMACY ISSN – Review Article A COMPLETE REVIEW ON: LIPOSOMES In this review article, we discussed about liposome, these are one amongst the various drug delivery system used to.

Journal of Liposome Research | Citations: | The Journal of Liposome Research publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original work in the areas of liposomology, lipid biology, and both synthetic and physical lipid chemistry.

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Clinical, applied, and basic research topics are considered. About Vince Giuliano Being a follower, connoisseur, and interpreter of longevity research is my latest career. I have been at this part-time for well over a decade, and in this became my mainline activity. Favored Authors.

Progress in Lipid Research

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Liposome research papers
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