Research on paper towel absorbency

The Best Paper Towel

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The Best Paper Towel

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Paper Towel Experiment

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The average American effects 56 gallons of soda annually.

The Best Paper Towel Brands

We looked again at the paper towel category in February and didn’t see anything new. Our picks remain the best we’ve seen—Bounty for scrubbing, and Viva for absorbency.

After dozens of hours of research, interviews, and testing, we found that Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels had more. Paper towels also use the same principle to absorb other liquids and substances.

However, it’s not just cellulose that makes paper towel absorbent. Once the paper has been cut into sheets, each sheet is indented with what appears to be just a pretty pattern. If absorbency is the key in your job or your home—you clean up a lot of pet leavings, perhaps—or you need a particularly soft paper towel to occasionally stand in for face towels.

The Best Paper Towel Brands. 13 MIN READ • Updated: 3/26/ • Bryan Vu. Cleaning During our research stage, we looked at the metrics used by reviews of the most popular and highest-rated paper towels. Brawny Pick-A-Size is our choice for best paper towel due to its strength, absorbency, and scrubbing power.

While conducting research for my experiment, I found several similar experiments that tested how strong paper towels are and the absorbency of several brands.

In one experiment, Bounty came in first place for absorbency and another experiment found that Sparkle worked best. How Do Paper Towels Absorb Water? By Danit Brown The small molecules that combine to make up cellulose are sugar molecules; that’s the key to the absorbency of paper towels.

Research on paper towel absorbency
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